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Gurren in Guizhou is the newest part of the From Guiyag With Love project, a part that naturally came about the moment I got my hands on a motorbike. It is definitely the most personal thing I've done so far, as you can actually hear me and get a tiny glimpse of my Guiyang life. Guizhou scenery rides, relaxing rides, and also Guiyang history rides is what I have in mind when making these recordings. I feel this is something much needed to complement the writing and photography projects, which are - by definition - rather static and appeal to a quite different set of senses. Enjoy and subscribe to the yt channel if you like what you see! 


Guizhou Scenic Rides

If you don't feel like going to Guizhou province anytime soon, or perhaps you'd love to visit but got no chance to - these videos try to provide an explanation as to why I consider Guizhou the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

Guiyang City Rides

City rides come in when I don't have sufficient time to go out of town - I'd like them to complement the written sections of this project, as they actually show all the places that have only existed on paper so far. 

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