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Photography Projects

As much as I believe that the beauty of the world is to be experienced rather than captured on a film roll, I also feel it would be unfair if I were to keep all those wondrous images I was lucky enough to see to myself only. 

For that reason I decide to dedicate some of my time to documenting some parts of my journey through life. I try to share the joy I feel when standing face to face with the the wonders of Nature, or when discovering the remains of the times long gone. 

I certainly put the most effort into the Guiyang project, trying to capture the brilliant spirit of the City slowly yielding to the restless powers of globalisation and standardisation. One day, perhaps, it will serve as a beautiful memorial of the City-That-Used-To-Be for all those who love it as deeply as I do. 

Below are the photos in three categories: China, Guizhou Province and Guiyang. Click on the pictures to go further and enjoy. 

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