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The Sea Horse Thoroughfare Trail - Part I

Quite obviously, the City lies nowhere near the sea. That is to my dismay, as I miss the endless Blue dearly, always telling myself I must have lived within the sound of waves in my previous life. There is, however, a rather hidden place here that sports a quite unusual name - the Sea Horse Thoroughfare Road. It sprawls across the entire mountain, towering above the area like a living organism, breathing heavily in the pale sun. I have had my eyes on it for quite a time now, but only recently managed to pay it a visit. My comparison to a living thing isn’t completely out of place, as it is one of those parts of the City built of a real tissue of colours, smells, and exotic materials, brining to mind a maze-like bazaar. I managed to find a back door to this secret world, and I am intending to lead you through it, Dear Reader.

  1. The Entrance

A hot, sunny day is perfect for exploring the City. This time, too, while everyone else is busy

crowding around the Black Spirit Mountain, I pass by and find my way further towards the Great Gap. It’s a short walk until I find what I was looking for - a small entrance to the Thoroughfare, although I am walking in through the back door, a Twin Peaks Rd… I am not even kidding, I’ve only noticed now, as I’m writing. I suppose next time I’ll have have to visit there at night and write another type of story. Back on topic though: I immediately find I’m in the right palce; before me lies a maze, going upwards. If my map is correct I should be able and cut through the hill to the Sea Horse Thoroughfare somehow. I continue right.

2. Forks and Cages

The road forks, but I know to follow its left shoulder - my plan is to cut through the right side of the hill and make a circle around the place. Were I to go right again it would only bring me back on the main road. I pass a public bathhouse and soon the road forks again - half of it is a sealed of community, so I decide to take the one that goes uphill. I attract some curious looks, but other than that the place seems strangely familiar. I soon find myself among a swarm of typical Cages (due to caged windows).

The whole place is overgrown and moist with dew; countless birds live in the green mesh, their chirping filling this otherwise silent and empty place. Everyone is on holidays, it seems, and the area is remote. I look around briefly and almost think I’ve found a way to pass to the next community, yet suddenly a brick wall stands in my path. Typical. There’s no way but to turn back.

3. The Lark Alley

On the way back, a little fussed that I might look like a little lost Outsider to everyone I had passed just few minutes ago, I find out that this place has a very fitting name - The Lark Alley. Unfortunately, my knowledge of birds only goes as far as to recognise a swallow by its forked tail, not even by its voice, and that’s about that. Were these larks singing in the overgrown alley? Most likely not, but I’m quite happy never finding out and believing that they were.

4. Up into the Belly

I go back the way I came, this time taking the left turn from the exit. I do not intend to follow the main road, however. When checking the map, a little path picks my fancy, and this one surely looks like it can cut through the hill. I pass the colourful fruit stands, then, as I get closer to the old-style brick buildings I take a narrow flight of stairs right. This time, I feel, there will be no coming back to the main road - I either survive the Thoroughfare, or I perish. Fork, just halfway through the stairs. Left turn. And as if this whole walk was inspired by the idea of discovering things by getting lost repeatedly (quite unknown to me, as I am never really lost), I make a miss yet again. This one leads me to unveiling one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in the entire City.

(To be continued)


This part will be short and sweet, as I intend to use my free time today to spend more time outdoors. I will be coming with the rest soon, hopefully Thursday. Again, apologies for not really being a regular writer but there’s only so many hobbies you can fit in within your schedule each week. I’m hoping to stay inspired by the good weather and promise more photo time on @fromguiyangwithlove later today.

Love, Lao Guiyang.

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