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Old Guiyang is Back

Dear Readers, it's been a while.

It has been a difficult couple of months everywhere in the world, that's for certain, and I hope you are all well. I'm good and alive, and most importantly - still in Guiyang.

I have been quite preoccupied with all things mundane, that sadly didn't involve me working on this blog, but this is going to change now. There are plenty of new and exciting Guiyang (and not only!) stories that I'd like to share, but it simply didn't feel like a good time to put it all on paper. On top of that I have been experiencing some serious issues with accessing my own site and even thought I lost it for a moment, but it seems it's all still here.

The photo feed has been updated and should be working fine now, and hoping I'll have enough time to put a story or two here until the end of the week.

The City looking good as always. View of the Spirit of Darkness Mountain.

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1 commentaire

Katarzyna Bartkowiak
Katarzyna Bartkowiak
16 juil. 2020

Please come back and write a piece that will pull me out of my summer inertia!

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